Dancing, Dancing Time

November 25, 2009

There are many stereotypes involving Filipina/os that float about. My personal favorite stereotype is “All Filipina/os can dance.” I don’t necessarily believe that all Filipina/os can dance, but I’ve notice that we all love to try. At family parties, clubs, or somewhere random, there is a high percentage that you’ll see a Filipina/o busting a move or two (I love when the lolos and lolas dance. It’s so cute.) No doubt about it, there seems to be a beat that runs through every Filipina/o and we can’t help but groove to it.

Dancing is well rooted in our culture and dancers of Filipino ancestry in the media isn’t new news.  But in recent years, especially since the spawn of dance reality television shows and the ability to upload videos on the internet, our presence in the dance scene has become more and more known.

Take America’s Best Dance Crew for example. In every season, there were Filipina/os present. It’s like we took over the show and I’m pretty sure, that there were a lot more of us that auditioned, but didn’t make the cut. Jabbawockeez, Kaba Modern, So Real Cru, Super Cr3w, Supreme Soul, Team Millenia, Massive Monkees are just some of the crews that appeared on the show with members of Filipino ancestry. The amount of Filipina/o dancers is amazing and I’m very proud of it. And I guess that’s why the stereotype is probably never going to go away.

Personally, I enjoy dancing, whether it be in the shower or at a club. It’s fun and it takes me to a different place. Maybe that goes for everyone, I don’t know. But I feel that the beat rooted in Filipina/os will never stop. At this rate, it looks like we’re going to groove to it for more generations to come.

One of my favorite videos from So Real Cru, who appeared on America’s Best Dance Crew

Here at USF, we like to body roll all day, every day.

I hope this makes your day! 🙂


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