Cultural Dancing- Itik Itik

December 8, 2009

Dancing is very important to the Filipino community it enriches the uniqueness of the Filipino culture. Dancing has been part of the Philippines since the pre-colonial times. Natives used dancing to tell stories, celebrate life, and call upon mother nature. The movement of bodies and the tapping of feet accompanied by the rhythm of music have become a way of life for them. Whether it is the cha-cha-cha, disco, modern, folk or classical ballet, the Filipinos simply loved to dance. The traditional dance of the Philippines is derived from a unique mix of Spanish, Malay and Muslim influences.

Philippine dances were used to represent Filipinos cultural roots and way of life. Most of the dances were after the European dances during the Spanish times. Movement of bodies and feet with the Itik-itik is one of the many cultural dances of the Philippines. It is popular among the Visayan settlers of the province of Surigoa del Norte. The steps to itik-itik is somewhat like the movements of a duck, walks short choppy steps and splashes water on its back. This dance started when a young woman names Kanang, singer and dancer, was asked to dance the Sibay at a baptismal reception. She began improvising steps imitating a duck. This is one of the cultural dances of the Philippines.


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