Random Poem

December 8, 2009

I am not who they think I am.

I am not the spoiled little rich girl who lives in a big house.

I am not the girl who has a pretty pink room that has a lot of fluffy stuff

And I am a girl who lives in an apartment and sleeps in the living room.


I am just an average girl,

I am not the mean girl who shows off at school thinking I’m better than everyone else.

I am a leader and a follower.

And I make sure I am friends with my classmates.


I am not who they think I am.

I am not the innocent young girl who doesn’t know anything that’s going on around her.

I am not ignorant,

I am smart and I know the things a 20 year old should know.


I know how to deal with the pressures of adolescence.

The pressure to be thin, to smoke, to drink and to use drugs

I am only 20 but I can deal with the pressures of life because

I know myself enough to know the difference between what’s wrong and what’s right.


I am not who they think I am.

I am not a quiet girl who keeps everything to herself

Whatever they say, whatever they think, I don’t care.

I will speak, speak for myself but I WILL represent my people, the Filipinos and immigrants like me.


I will express myself in my own way

In different ways where I feel comfortable to share my deepest thoughts and innermost feelings. 


I think for myself.

And I think of others too but I don’t let them define what makes me.

Because I am the one who knows me.



I am not who they think I am.

I am not lazy and I am not spoiled that’s for sure, because I work- to have money to help pay the bills and satisfy my own needs.

I am a girl who walks at school just like everybody else.

And I may look innocent but I certainly know something.


I know that I don’t like our current president and what he does for this country.

I know what Global Warming is and what devastating effects it would have in this planet.

I care for the world and its current problems

And I will speak out my voice when silence is the only thing surrounding me.


I am loud and I am proud – to say this out loud

And all that was said above,

That’s me and that’s who I think I am…


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