December 8, 2009

One of my favorite types of cuisine is definitely from the Filipinos. We have so many influences from different countries, but we managed to make the dishes better and a lot more flavorful. I especially enjoy eating the desserts or snacks we have like Taho.

Taho consists mainly of silken tofu along with arnibal, which is brown sugar and vanilla syrup. Sago, which is similar to a tapioca ball can also be added to the snack. Other flavors such as strawberry and chocolate are also out there, where strawberry syrup or chocolate syrup is used instead of arnibal. Taho is a sweet treat that I find comforting.

The vendor or Magtataho prepares the dessert early in the morning before the break of dawn. The tofu is processed like very fine custard. The arnibal is made by the caramelization of the brown sugar and the sago balls are boiled until they are translucent white. Once the preparation is done, the magtataho goes out and sells the treat.

You will find the magtataho yelling, “Tahooooo,” on the street only in the morning with two aluminum cans filled with the taho. The cans are attached to each end of a wooden beam or yoke.

The history of the dessert isn’t really defined yet. But what has been found so far is that Taho traces back to the Chinese. The Chinese version of Taho is called Douhua also know as tofu pudding. Douhua is eaten with soy sauce and can be topped with chopped green onions and other vegetables. It’s not a dessert like the Filipino version of Taho.

A cup of Taho sounds really good right about now.


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