Mysterious Mindanao

December 9, 2009

You would think that since it is the largest island group of the Philippines, there would be more information on the indigenous people of Mindanao. Unfortunately, there was not. What little knowledge I was able to gather is the following:

The final region of the Philippines is Mindanao, at one time early in history inhabited by the Maguindanaon. Mindanao is the southern most island group and the largest of the three. The native tounge spoken in this island group is Cebuano.

That and I was able to find a few blogs, with pictures. My favorite was the followind described as Maguindanaon women doing a traditional dance:


It is a shame that there is not more information about these people and their native land. However, it is sadly not a suprise that the information is so scarce. Filipino history is mostly written by the outsider and seemingly starts with Spanish colonization. But this is not the case, as we know. Thus, this is my challenge to you to dig deep- waaaaaay deep- to uncover the history that has been lost. And write about it! It is so important that we know these things and have a variety of research to read so that we can get down to the truth. To know where people come from, their history and past, the beautiful and the ugly. It must be known. So do it to it and search that “lost and found” box of history until every piece has been claimed!


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